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Cloud File Storage for Website and Database Backup

Cloud storage for backup with lifecycle archiving (Grandfather-father-son) and easy HTTP / PUT file upload API. Example MySQL Backup Script and Website Backup Script available.

PHP XML Parser

Parse just about any XML, RSS, Atom or CSV variant (comma, tab, pipe separated values etc.) text file, string or URL in PHP, ideal for parsing affiliate product feeds, syndication feeds, SOAP envelopes and response documents from XML web service APIs (Amazon, Google, etc.)

Affiliate Datafeed Price Comparison Script

Price Tapestry is a PHP and MySQL affiliate price comparison script based on (and included in the price) Magic Parser. Benefiting from Magic Parser's ability to read every affiliate product feed file format, the script has an extremely easy to use administration area where you simply pick out the fields in each feed that correspond to the usual product attributes (product name, description, Image URL, Buy URL and Price) and then click "Import".

WordPress and Joomla Price Comparison Plugin

A companion script to Price Tapestry, PriceTapestry.org is a price comparison plugin for WordPress (available now) and Joomla (in development) that connects direct to a Price Tapestry managed product database and enabled product search results and price comparison tables to be embedded directly within a WordPress or Joomla powered site.

Web Based FTP Automation

A web based FTP automation service designed for the scheduled file transfer of product feeds from affiliate networks (via HTTP, HTTPS or FTP) to your websites. Affiliate earnings from datafeed powered sites can be increased significantly by keeping product feeds up to date.